Taiwan functional and technical textiles suppliers for industry and medical care as follows:
  Company Main Products Website
1 Aero Pro Co., LTd. Air Filtration Media, Meltblown, Medical Masks www.aeropro.com.tw
2 Asiatic Fiber Corporation AFC offers industrial textiles, high-tech fiber products, and smart textiles to critical environments such as cleanroom, ESD, PPE, and medical workplaces www.asiatic.com.tw
3 Chiao Jiuh Enterprise Co., Ltd. Special Straps for Gauze Mask joe-wei.com
4 China Plastics Co., Ltd. Woven Fabrics, Laid Webs, Braidings, Knitted Fabrics, Coated Textiles www.chinaplastics.com.tw
5 China Surgical Dressings Center Co., Ltd Medical Apparels, Wipes, Bandages, Cotton Gauzes www.csd.com.tw
6 Eclat Textile Co., Ltd. Protective Clothing www.eclat.com.tw/zh-tw
7 Everest Textile Co., Ltd. Surgical gown, Hi-tech Mask, Personal Protective Equipment www.everest.com.tw
8 Far Eastern New Century Corporation Polyester High Tenacity Yarn, Polyester Industrial Yarn www.fenc.com
9 Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd. Protective Flame Retardant Textiles, www.ftc.com.tw
10 Fullmen Fabric Co., Ltd. Nonwoven fabric manufacture and nonwoven disposable products, such as surgical face mask、tea bag(FDA compliant)、wipe、fruit bag (permeable bag)、disposable bed towels for beauty salon www.fullmen.com.tw
11 Healthy Machinery Co., Ltd. Nonwoven Fabric Face Mask www.healthyco.com.tw
12 KNH Enterprise Co., Ltd. Nonwovens: air through, air laid, calender bond, composite, laminated nonwoven, spunlace, and meltblown Personal Care: pantyliner, sanitary napkin, baby diaper, wet wipes, and face mask Industrial products: filter media, air filters, and wastewater treatment www.knh.com.tw
13 Nonwoventex Industrial Co., Ltd. Thermal-bonding & Air Through nonwoven fabric. www.nonwoventex.com
14 Makalot Industrial Co., Ltd. Protective Clothing www.makalot.com.tw
15 Mytrex Health Technologies, Inc. Meltblown Nonwoven , Medical Mask Filter Media , Air Filter Media , Liquid Filter Media , Thermal Insulation , Acoustic Insulation , www.mytrex.com.tw
16 Nan Liu Enterprise Co., Ltd. Biotech Materials, Nonwoven Fabrics, www.nanliu.com.tw
17 Sixup Corporation Coated Fabrics, TPU Film, Inflatable Fabrics, Medical Fabrics, www.sixup.com.tw
18 Trimeltech Co., .Ltd. Meltblown nonwoven for filters and media. Applications of the final or semi-products such as Medical Masks, Industrial Respirators, HVAC Filter Media, Air Purifiers, Air Conditioners, Vacuum Cleaners, Water/Oil absorbent nonwovens,…,etc. www.trimeltech.com
19 Universal Incoporation Spunbond, meltblown, and SMS & SMMS composite nonwoven fabrics and medical face masks www.uk.com.tw
20 Wep Pro Co., Ltd. Composites of Protective Coverall www.web-pro.com.tw
21 WidePlus International Co., Ltd. Workwear (Main) , Protective Clothing Fabrics, Medical Wear, Flame Retardant, Fire Resistant, Hybrids Functional Fabric www.wideplustex.com